Let us discuss whether Covid-19 vaccine gives lifelong immunity for the disease. Vaccination is a must to ensure a safe life , free from death caused by deadly diseases . Presently we’re going through a pandemic . Vaccines play a major role to put a stop to this. 

Overview: Do COVID-19 vaccine gives lifelong immunity?

The vaccination against Covid-19 is on process . Millions from 40 countries throughout the world are being administered the immunity booster. If you wonder,” what a vaccine does?” here’s your answer . Vaccine works the same way in the body like a virus does . While vaccine does it in a unnatural way the virus is a natural process . It is a part of the human immune system. Human body once comes in contact with virus, develops an anti-body to fight against it in a natural way. Vaccines have some characteristics of virus which alerts the body. Then the body produces an anti-body so that if the real virus attacks it can protect the body.

The virus can cause harm to a human body if one’s immune system is weak. But taking the vaccine is safe. Its proved through clinical trials that vaccines can produce an anti-body and it is safe to inject in a human being. The scientific community is now facing many questions . One of the most asked question is “How long-lasting is the anti-body developed through natural or artificial manner?”

Since the beginning of the pandemic everyone wondered whether we would develop immunity to COVID-19 or how long that would last if we did . Latest two studies help us to be aware of how our immune systems adapts to infection and what that might mean for vaccination.

From that we can know that:
· Two recent studies found out that infection-induced immunity might last months.
· Experts believe vaccination would make infection-induced immunity last even longer.
· Researchers found that many people who recover from COVID-19 and later receive an mRNA vaccine (like the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine) may not need further booster shots.

We present to you some of the statements regarding the question mentioned earlier .

  1. Anti-body may not last forever
  2. Well known epidemiologists and virologists agree that it is yet to be established that a vaccine can provide life-long immunity to a person.
  3. Dr Manoj Murhekar, Director of National Institute of Epidemiology, says that “the vaccine science is not in a position to say conclusively that how long the anti-body lasts in a person. We need to follow up the volunteers of the clinical trial for a long period to arrive at any conclusion


Many other experts agree that there is no data that backs the logic for a life-long immunity against the virus. Unfortunately the answer for the question “Will COVID-19 Vaccines Give Lifelong Immunity to the Disease?” is yet to be known after prolonged research . In conclusion we do know is vaccinating is safe and that it helps us to fight of the disease . So let’s vaccinate and stay home : leading to a faster recovery from the pandemic in our areas.

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