Overview: COVID-19 Survivors Don’t Need Vaccine

So far it has been said that even the COVID-19 survivors need to vaccinate but new study results say something else. The study from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has found that people who’ve already had COVID-19 may not necessarily benefit from vaccination. 

No cases in COVID-19 survivors

The research showed that out of a large number of healthcare workers, there were nearly 0 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection among those who previously contracted the virus and were unvaccinated and vaccinated, never contracted the virus and were vaccinated. There was a constant increase in the number of cases for COVID-19 from the people who were not vaccinated. The researchers stated that natural infection provides immunity just like a vaccination does. So the people who still did not contract this virus can be given preference first for the vaccination.

The researchers also said more research is needed to find out the duration of the immunity after recovering from COVID-19. So, till we have the research results regarding this the specialists suggest COVID-19 survivors get one dose vaccine.
The current data shows that the immunity from a natural infection is long-lived and it lasts up to 8 months and more longer. It is proved that reinfection among people who previously had COVID-19 is very low.


“A study conducted in Israel and the results show that reinfection was low in previously ill people as it was in those who’d been vaccinated.”

The Cleveland Clinic study restates what is seen clinically, that is the reinfection rate in previously infected people is very low and the treatment received is simpler,” Dr Spencer Kroll, a board-certified internal medicine specialist in Marlboro, New Jersey, told Healthline. The immune system has different components that work together to prevent diseases. Antibodies produced by our immune systems upon exposure to a pathogen. Antibody levels may wane over time but are still operative even at lower levels, according to Dr Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security in Maryland and an infectious disease expert. There’s also the cell-mediated immune response, which involves protective B cells and T cells that appear to increase over time and remain elevated long after infection. According to Kroll, the immune responses to infection varies for each and everyone.“Some people with the documented infection do not generate antibodies,” Kroll said.

Who all should get vaccinated?

Experts said that the truth is the data in hand right now is not enough. The solution for this situation said by them was to get the first dose of vaccine. It might seem unnecessary but it can act as an immune booster. “Natural immunity should influence vaccination policy. Natural immunity is not trivial and does contribute to population-level immunity along with vaccinations,” Adalja told Healthline. Scientists are still examining how natural immunity compares to immunity from vaccination. One study results showed that previously sick individuals who took one dose of the vaccine had a stronger antibody response in comparison to people who hadn’t had the infection but had received both doses of the vaccine. Yet another report reported that one dose in previously sick people produced an immune response similar to people who didn’t have the previous infection but received both doses.

Adalja also said, “A single dose of a two-dose vaccine regimen may be all that is necessary for someone with a prior infection.” 
There is a silver lining in this, there have not been any reported risks to people who’ve had COVID-19 and still gotten vaccinated. They may experience the usual side effects. We conclude based on the reports above to get a single dose of vaccine whether or not you had COVID-19. A note for the ones who recovered from COVID-19, before vaccination ask your physician. Research is still needed to know the durability of natural immunity gained from COVID-19 infection but until that let us get vaccinated and stay healthy.


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