Lose Weight, Get Fit or Get Leaner – What’s Your Goal?

Leaner or fitter – what’s your goal? Do you have one? You should. We all do. Not just because we’re healthy and in shape, but it’s the little things that count! What is your goal – to be fitter or leaner? You’ll find that there are as many different ways of going about this as there are people, and the good news is that there’s no right way. The only right way to get fit or lose weight is to start doing it right now. And once you’ve set your goal, it’ll be easier to stay on track. Here are few advices to reach your target.

1.Know your goal (weight loss or get fit): 

Why do you want to be fitter or leaner? There are lots of reasons – fitness, weight loss, improvement in stamina or energy levels, simply maintaining an ideal weight, for example. But, whatever your reason, once you’ve thought about it, you can start focusing on what you need to do to achieve your goals. Once you know where you’re heading, it’s a lot easier to manage your expectations and reach them!

2.Plan and execute: 

You’ll also need to have a plan of action, and you can create one together with your health professional or health coach. They can give you expert advice to help you turn your dreams of lose weight or to get fit into reality! If you’re not sure about what direction you should be heading in, get some help. Remember, being successful isn’t magic. It requires real effort and commitment from you!
Once you know exactly what you want to achieve, you can start thinking about how you’ll achieve it. For example, will you walk or run? Will you swim or cycle? Will you go on a diet or take supplements? You need to break down the goals you’ve listed into smaller, more manageable tasks.

3.Conquer your temptations: 

Once you have your short-term and long-term goals written down, you’ll be ready to measure your progress. Keep to your new short-term and long-term goals and don’t be tempted to slack off on any of them. Measure your progress regularly, either with appointments with your coach, a diary or your own body measurements. By doing so, you’ll see that your plan is really working!
When you want to be more or less fit and healthier, there are many options available. Some people choose to change their eating habits or their exercise routine, while others try something a little more radical such as liposuction. What is important is that you choose the option that makes sense for you. And if you want to lose weight, get fit or leaner- what’s your goal?

4.Take it slow: 

It is important that these short-term and long-term goals are not seen as separate goals. They are truly one goal – to become healthier and fitter. So set daily and weekly targets, and write down your progress for both. Use your journal or notebook for reminders, too. Write down the reasons for the changes you are making, and remember that your current behaviour or physical state is the product of your past decisions. These are your starting point – and they will give you the starting point for your journey toward your new goals!
If you are trying to lose weight, there are many different options available to you. You could try diet pills, exercise machines and gadgets, or even surgery. There is surely a way to lose weight quickly and keep the weight off, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. By creating a list of your goals for the future, you can make better choices in regards to your current fitness goals, which can help you stick to them much better!

5.Schedule and stay motivated:

It’s also important to create some kind of daily routine. Do you eat breakfast? Do you take your lunch? When you know exactly what you need to do, you are far more likely to stay on track. You will also have a more realistic idea of how much progress you are actually making!

Once you have your goals written down, review them often. Check to see if you are on track with them – are you eating healthy, getting more exercise, sleeping well and stress free? Are you feeling happy, energetic and at peace with yourself? If your goals seem to not be moving forward as quickly as you would like, make adjustments where needed! You may need to adjust your lifestyle to meet your goals, or change the things that you are doing – or add something else.


Don’t just set goals once, you have to set them many times a day. This will help you realize success sooner. Make each goal unique and write it down on paper – in your head! That way you don’t lose it along the way! Once you have your goals, review them often and if you find that your goals have moved forwards too quickly, make adjustments and keep going! So bring a change in your routine and be a change.

Subin Joshua
Author: Hi there, my name is Subin Joshua, and I am a Medical student. I grew up in a family of teachers and know that being a social worker is my calling. My passion for helping others has been evident in my involvement in helping the poor and needy for the last three years. Through those experiences, I have learned to interact with a diverse group of people, which has increased my ability to relate to others.