Reduce body heat with these quick fixes


How to reduce body heat? This is a question many people wonder when they are feeling cold. Hot, cold, and even humidity can cause body discomfort, including excess sweating. Extreme physical activity, hot temperatures, infections that result from fever, and even certain medicines can cause a higher body temperature as well. In this post, discuss seventh important tips for reducing body temperature and explain how the eight different causes of higher body temperature affect your body.

Tips to reduce body heat:

1.Consume coconut water:

          First, how to reduce body heat is to drink more coconut water. The naturally occurring substance contains evaporated coconut oil that is a natural cure for coolness. Consuming at least two liters of coconut water a day will provide natural cooling relief to the body. The body knows how to cool naturally when you add coconut water to it, so drinking coconut water will not surprise you. However, if you do not like coconut water or are using a commercial cool drink or already have a cool drink that you prefer, simply substitute coconut water for one of your favorites.

2. Sleep at cooler temperature:

        Second, another way to reduce body temperature is to sleep at a slightly cooler temperature. Insomnia and heat stress often drive the body temperature even further than it should be. The recommended temperature for sleeping is between ninety and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, so you may want to find an alternative spot to sleep at night. A cool place, such as the bedroom closet, works great in order to reduce body heat.

3. Sandalwood on skin:

       Third, applying some sandalwood on your skin may also help with body heat reduction. Sandalwood has been known to help with temperature reduction and is used in traditional medicine for many diseases. If you rub a small amount of sandalwood on your body, it can cool you down to the appropriate temperature without any effort on your part. So, if you have been experiencing heat stress, rub some sandalwood on your body and see what happens.

4. Intake of fruits and veggies reduces body heat:

         Fourth, eating more fruits and vegetables may be a good idea if you are suffering from extreme heat stress. The physiological causes behind this type of body heat stress are due to unusually high body temperatures. You see, although extremely hot days are very common throughout the year, certain days cause your body to go into a hyperactive state which causes your body to rise above the norm. On these days, your body is not able to cool down because its systems are too active and it begins to heat up even more. On days when your body is extremely hot, try eating more fruits and vegetables.

 5. Medical attention to heat cramps:

        Fifth, if you are experiencing symptoms of heat cramp you need to get medical attention right away. Heat cramps are often the symptom of a severe medical condition and require medical attention before the symptoms can be properly treated. Heat cramp symptoms can include a dull ache or numbness in the body. You may also feel tingling and/or a burning sensation in your hands and feet. The medical attention you get will determine the proper course of treatment for your condition.

6. Go natural to reduce body heat:

        Sixth, there are natural ways to how to reduce body heat such as using herbal supplements and calming exercises. These methods are not quick fixes and will not magically make you cool in a matter of minutes. However, if you use them correctly, they will help you cool down and the results will last longer than just an hour or two.

7. Apply the amazing Aloe:

        Seventh, consider using an aloe vera gel on your body. Aloe Vera gel has been used for centuries to treat sunburns and insect bites. Today it is being used to reduce body heat. A high quality aloe vera gel should cool your body by at least 8 degree Celsius. So you can see, the remedies described above are not necessarily quick fixes, but they are effective nonetheless.


       Maintaining our body at homeostasis despite the temperature around depends on how we take steps to solve it. So, if you are having body heat try the above recommended tips.

Subin Joshua
Author: Hi there, my name is Subin Joshua, and I am a Medical student. I grew up in a family of teachers and know that being a social worker is my calling. My passion for helping others has been evident in my involvement in helping the poor and needy for the last three years. Through those experiences, I have learned to interact with a diverse group of people, which has increased my ability to relate to others.