How fast does lung cancer grow & FAQ's

How fast does lung cancer grow & FAQ’s

Overview Lung cancer is a prevalent type of cancer. National Cancer Institute (NCI) stated that in 2020, approximately 229,000 people in the US received a lung cancer diagnosis.  The risk of lung cancer depends on the type, the stage at diagnosis, and overall health. Lung cancer is the reason for more than 1 in 8 new cancer cases. The speed at which lung cancer develops grows and spreads; will be …

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Nomophobia - fear of not having phones

Definition of Nomophobia – Fear of not having Phones

Overview: Nomophobia definition, it is the fear of not having a phone. In today’s article, we’ll get to know about Nomophobia. Are you afraid of not having your phone near you? Does the thought of not having service or phone trouble you? Does it seem impossible to stay away from your phone? All our work is entangled with our gadgets. They are a means of information and connection. However, worrying …

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Time management for college students, Time management for college students - tips & apps

Time management for college students – tips & apps

Overview: Time management for college students, simple tips, and apps that help are covered in this article. A well-known quote states that ‘ Time and tide wait for none.’ It is true in every aspect. The time we have is limited. It is in our hands to manage our responsibilities and yes it is not easy. Here are a few tips to help college students, manage their time efficiently. Each …

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Mini Tummy Tuck, Mini tummy tuck - cosmetic surgery

Mini tummy tuck – cosmetic surgery

Overview: Is it your first time, just like many hearing about ‘mini tummy tuck’. Do you have too much flabby tummy? That too even after doing intense exercises & diets. Then ‘tummy tuck’ might be a good option. A mini tummy tuck is also known as a mini-abdominoplasty. This procedure is done to flatten the abdomen. It is achieved by removing extra fat & skin and tightening muscles in the …

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Emotional roller coaster

Emotional roller coaster – Mood Swings

Overview: Emotional roller coaster The emotional roller coaster is a situation, where a person feels sad/overjoyed. It is common to feel have these. But if mood swings hinder you from daily activities, it’s unhealthy. Frequent & severe mood swings, call for a visit to a doctor. The causes, effects, and mental conditions associated with this are discussed below. Emotional roller coaster – Causes: Few noteworthy causes can be linked to …

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Eating disorders and substance abuse

Eating disorders and substance abuse

Overview: Eating disorders and substance abuse mostly occur side by side. Eating disorders also include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. As a result, this leads to emotional, physical, and social problems and the risk of death.  If these two disorders befall together that causes complications for treatment. Let us dig in deep on these two disorders. Substance abuse/Substance Use Disorders (SUD): SUD contains many types of problems linked to …

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Advantages of Rehabilitation & its types

Overview We often come across the term ‘Rehabilitation‘ in media. This plays a major role in a person’s life after going through a severe health issue. Let us widen our views about this topic through this article. What is Rehabilitation?  Rehabilitation is defined as aiding a person, who suffered health conditions. This is done by reestablishing function & lessening disability. Rehabilitation helps people of any age to be self-supporting in …

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Trauma and abuse

Trauma, abuse and mental health

Overview: Our life is filled with many uncertainties. Trauma and abuse come under this, they are just unthinkable possibilities. Our news is filled with news of trauma & abuse.  Even our loved ones are not spared of this. In this article, we’ll see about the causes and effects of trauma. We will discuss the ways to come out of trauma. Traumatic events –  What is it? A traumatic experience is …

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abdominal migraine

Abdominal Migraine in Children below 12 years

Overview: We might have commonly heard of abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, and migraine headaches. But, today let’s see what exactly is abdominal migraine and its unique trait like its name. The ones affected by abdominal migraines are mostly children. The pain is in the belly and not in the head like migraine headaches. Kids are frequently victimized by abdominal migraines.  Adults are rarely affected. This type of migraine occurs in …

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Binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder | Complete Details

Overview:  Some might’ve come across the term eating disorders. However many might wonder if there is a disorder related to eating. Yes! There is a Binge eating disorder. Let us look into this in this article. Binge eating disorder (BED) – Introduction : BED is a common type of eating disorder. Around 2% of people are affected by this throughout the world. This is associated with high cholesterol levels and …

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