Health checklist for women over 40, Are you above 40? Here is the health checklist for women over 40!

Alarming health checklist for Women over 40

Are you above 40? Here is the health checklist for women over 40! Are you above 40? Then your health must be your priority. As aging is normal it comes along with a couple of changes in the brain and body like slowing down of metabolism. Besides exercising regularly, eating healthy, and maintaining stress it is important to get timely body screenings. These tests “Health checklist for women above 40” …

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Disadvantages of lemon water, gastroesophageal reflux

Diadvantages by drinking lemon water daily – I should worry about!

Am I at risk of drinking lemon water daily? Overview No one says “I don’t like lemon water” and it doesn’t take much time to make it. Hence it is most preferred by people to start their day. The health benefits such as enhanced immunity, weight loss, and glowing skin are the reason for its popularity. People can consume it either warm or cold. Just like its benefits, there are …

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Hantavirus disease, Hantavirus

Hantavirus disease – The dangerous airborne virus!

Overview Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is an uncommon infectious disease that starts with flu-like symptoms and quickly escalates to a more serious condition. It has the potential to cause life-threatening lung and heart issues. Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome is another name for the condition. Several strains of the hantavirus cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. These strains are spread by a variety of rodents. The deer mouse is the most common carrier in North …

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Infant death syndrome, (SIDS) explained

Infant death syndrome (SIDS) explained!

Infant death syndrome(SIDS) explained Hey guys! Today let’s see about a very unique condition called “Infant Death Syndrome“. Just like how horrific it sounds so are certain facts about it. So, come along and dive in to know all about this syndrome. Sudden infant death syndrome is also known as SIDS is an anonymous death, that generally occurs while a baby less than a year old is asleep.  SIDS is …

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Lupus pernio - might be a reason for your uneven makeup

Lupus pernio – might be a reason for your uneven makeup

Lupus pernio – might be a reason for your uneven makeup One among the most common forms of cutaneous sarcoidosis is Lupus pernio. Sarcoidosis is histologically characterized by a special type of inflammation called granuloma. It is a multisystem disorder. This condition appears as plaques, purple or bluish-red nodules over the ears, nose, cheeks, forehead and lips. These nodules are chronic lesion of skin that is raised and hardened. Lupus is originated …

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Brain stem stroke death, Brain stem stroke death - All age groups are at risk!

Brain stem stroke death – All age groups are at risk!

Introduction A person permanently loses the ability to breathe and the potential for consciousness because they have no more brain stem functions. This is called brain stem stroke death. Such are kept on a ventilator that circulates oxygen through the bloodstream and keeps the heart beating.  Since the brain stem controls, significant body functions like balance, breathing, and swallowing. Any bleeding or blockage in the brain stem causes brain stem …

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Top 20 Foods for lowering blood pressure quickly, Foods for lowering blood pressure quickly

Top 20 Foods for lowering blood pressure quickly

Overview: Every one of us might have heard the word blood pressure. High BP or low BP is hazardous and maintaining it as normal includes consistent and conscious intake of certain foods for lowering blood pressure quickly. To begin with, Blood is the source or medium that carries nutrients, oxygen to important organs like the heart and brain. Blood pressure is the pressure against the walls of blood vessels by …

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Happy mood, Fixes to be made for a happy mood-(Scientifically proven)

Fixes to be made for a happy mood-(Scientifically proven)

Overview: We have different moods according to the situations. And many times it feels like our life is running faster than us. We keep going along with the surroundings but get lost to ourselves. Our busy schedules make us feel that our life is determined by others. Amidst all of these, to be in a happy mood is a skill and let’s see how we can. Whatsoever, there is a …

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Blue eyes and black people : Genetic mutation

Introduction: Tats true, even dark-skinned people can have blue eyes! Though black people with blue eyes are very uncommon, and especially those without Caucasian ancestry. It was found that ancestral genetic mutation is linked with blue eyes. Research proves that few black people with blue eyes are a result of ocular albinism, which is a health condition. Studies about the origin of Black People With Blue Eyes Briefly, the origin …

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Dental hygiene, Mandatory dental hygiene with braces

Mandatory dental hygiene with braces

Overview: Oral hygiene is significant if we have braces. As food particles get stuck easily beneath the braces it is majorly important to brush thoroughly. Dental diseases and gum diseases are a result of poor oral hygiene. It may lead to serious health complications like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s recommended to learn proper oral hygiene at the earliest to avoid long-term health issues and expensive dental procedures. Perfect …

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