Impact of Climate Change on Brain Health

Impact of Climate Change on Brain Health

Overview:  The Impacts of Climate Change on Brain Health is a new documentary film from Dinescent. It shows us how the Earth’s temperature has increased and decreased over time causing extreme changes in the world’s weather patterns. As a result, many glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate, resulting in massive amounts of water being released that […]

Natural vs coronavac vaccine immunity against SARS-COV-2 Versions

CoronaVac vaccine & Natural Immunity against SARS-COV-2 Versions Let us see the recent research based on natural vs coronavac vaccine immunity against SARS-COV-2. Coronavac Vaccine( Sinovac COVID-19 ) vaccine is an nonactive virus COVID-19 vaccine developed by the China. We are urged to get vaccinated by the government but there’s still an unanswered question; i.e.’Whether […]

Checklist for Your Mental Health (Top 11)

Top 11 Checklist for Your Mental Health In this article I am going to talk about ways to keep your mental health in check. There is no doubt that mental health can be the key to success in life, or it can be the cause of all sorts of problems if it’s not well taken […]

Whole Grains Lower Heart Disease Risk?

Does Whole Grain Lower Heart Disease Risk? Did you know that whole grains for three servings lowers risk of heart disease? Let us see what recent research says about this.   Whole grains helps lessen heart disease risk factors: The main goal of this research is to find how the intake of whole & refined […]

Are we to worry about rashes after COVID-19 vaccine?

Are we to worry about rashes after COVID-19 vaccine? Vaccination is a process which is going on everywhere and is much recommended to reduce the impact of corona virus. Where some are refusing to take the shot listening to post vaccination side effects, among which is rashes. If you are one who is vaccinated and […]

Why we should be alarmed about the delta variant?

Why we should be alarmed about the delta variant? I bet most of us aware of the recent delta variant. The experts are alarmed by the surge in the number of cases of delta variant. According to WHO this variant is identified in 111 countries. Let us see why the experts are worried about this. […]

Love drinking cold or warm water? – Know the pros & cons

Love drinking cold/warm water? – Know the positives & negatives There are many beliefs and myths going on about drinking cold or warm water. But the question right now is whether it is correct or not? Read to find out. Overview: Whether you are someone enjoying the warm sunny summer or a person who gets […]

Adults screen time hiked than average in pandemic!

Did the pandemic increase our screen time? Hey guys, today we are about to see a very common reason the kids are scolded of at homes. And it is nothing other than the time we spend on electronic gadgets. Now, being the pandemic and mostly everyone including adults and kids are stuck at home, and […]

How potential is Lambda variant? Is it really dangerous?

How potential is Lambda Variant? Hey guys! Today let’s get updated with the news that is hovering all over the world “Lambda Variant”. We have written all the necessary information you need to know, dive in to understand more.   Overview: The prior was Corona virus, then arose its variants delta and delta plus which are adding […]

Early hearing loss due to the use of Headphones/Earbuds?

Does the use of Headphones/ Earbuds lead to early hearing loss? For many of us our headphones are a must have item wherever we are. We use to the extent where we can’t part from it. This habit costs us a loss of hearing, read more to find out about how using headphones harm us. […]