over-exercising leads to health problems, sympdisease

Over-exercising leads to health problems

Did you know? Over-exercising leads to health problems!  Many might have been astonished by this fact. Before taking the title as a reason to spend hours binge-watching, know that an inactive lifestyle leads to a plethora of diseases. Researchers say that over-exercising leads to health problems and may be bad for the heart. Read to learn more. Over-exercising leads to health problems Some of the drastic effects of over-exercising are …

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Health checklist for women over 40, Are you above 40? Here is the health checklist for women over 40!

Alarming health checklist for Women over 40

Are you above 40? Here is the health checklist for women over 40! Are you above 40? Then your health must be your priority. As aging is normal it comes along with a couple of changes in the brain and body like slowing down of metabolism. Besides exercising regularly, eating healthy, and maintaining stress it is important to get timely body screenings. These tests “Health checklist for women above 40” …

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Mini Tummy Tuck, Mini tummy tuck - cosmetic surgery

Mini tummy tuck – cosmetic surgery

Overview: Is it your first time, just like many hearing about ‘mini tummy tuck’. Do you have too much flabby tummy? That too even after doing intense exercises & diets. Then ‘tummy tuck’ might be a good option. A mini tummy tuck is also known as a mini-abdominoplasty. This procedure is done to flatten the abdomen. It is achieved by removing extra fat & skin and tightening muscles in the …

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Health benefits

Hiked health benefits from brisk walking (Recent study)

Introduction The pandemic made the busy roads, schools, and many more empty. This made the teenagers, middle-agers and old people stay at home and they mostly spend time, sitting. While researchers say that walking around 7 thousand steps per day reduces the risk of death by 50% – 70% and increases many health benefits. Recent study and AHA This matches up with the “150 minutes of exercise in a week” …

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Lessen your facial fat with these 4 ways

Lessen your Facial fat with these 4 ways

Overview: Every face shape is beautiful but sometimes few feel that facial fat is one of the most unattractive features of their body. It occurs mostly in people with a slimmer face, and unfortunately it’s usually right there in front of the eyes. So, how to reduce face fat and regain a desired square face? The first thing you have to do is exercise. You should definitely start a daily …

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Weekly Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Healthy menu

Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Weekly Diet Plan Indian cuisine is known for its vibrant spices, fresh herbs and wide variety of rich flavors. Though diets and preferences vary throughout India, most people follow a primarily plant-based diet. Around 80% of the Indian population practices Hinduism, a religion that promotes a vegetarian or lacto-vegetarian diet. The traditional Indian diet emphasizes a high intake of plant foods like vegetables, lentils …

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Lose Weight or Get Fit or Get Leaner – What’s Your Goal?

Lose Weight, Get Fit or Get Leaner – What’s Your Goal? Leaner or fitter – what’s your goal? Do you have one? You should. We all do. Not just because we’re healthy and in shape, but it’s the little things that count! What is your goal – to be fitter or leaner? You’ll find that there are as many different ways of going about this as there are people, and …

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Do weight loss supplements work magic?

Do weight loss supplements work magic? This being the pandemic and everyone is stuck at home for over a year and half are used to eating and not find a way to burn the fat. As many of our weights are increasing, there is also equal surge in the production of weight loss supplements and its usage. Let’s see how far they work and give positive results. Overview: Supplements of …

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Love drinking cold or warm water? – Know the pros & cons

Love drinking cold/warm water? – Know the positives & negatives There are many beliefs and myths going on about drinking cold or warm water. But the question right now is whether it is correct or not? Read to find out. Overview: Whether you are someone enjoying the warm sunny summer or a person who gets refuge under the fan & AC as a result of the blazing sun: Drinking cold …

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Coffee lovers happy liver

Coffee lovers likely to have a happy liver! Find out why

Coffee lover likely to have a happy liver! Find out why There are many myths that linger around the world about drinking coffee. Despite such myths, there are about 1 billion of people around the world who consume coffee every day. Did you know that such coffee lovers have happy liver? If you are one of them like me, let’s hear some positive facts about our cup of coffee! Overview: …

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