Lupus pernio - might be a reason for your uneven makeup

Lupus pernio – might be a reason for your uneven makeup One among the most common forms of cutaneous sarcoidosis is Lupus pernio. Sarcoidosis is histologically characterized by a special type of inflammation called granuloma. It is a multisystem disorder. This condition appears as plaques, purple or bluish-red nodules over the ears, nose, cheeks, forehead and lips. […]

C.1.2 variant- cause for discovery of new vaccine

INTRODUCTION: Amidst the arise of delta and beta variants, a new variant of COVID-19 called C.1.2 linage, discovered in South Africa. Other countries like New Zealand, Switzerland, England, Portugal, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mauritius also have traces. This variant has globally alarmed the health experts. Highly mutated C.1.2 variant in South […]

Plastic shields don’t stop Corona Virus Transmission

Overview: ‘Plastic shields don’t stop Corona Virus’, seeing this heading might be quite shocking for many. The pandemic has brought numerous products into the market. These products claim to prevent Corona virus transmission. One such products produced & used in a larger scale is plastic face shields.  Plastic shields don’t prevent COVID-19: New research finds […]