Advantages of Rehabilitation & its types


Overview We often come across the term ‘Rehabilitation‘ in media. This plays a major role in a person’s life after going through a severe health issue. Let us widen our views about this topic through this article. What is Rehabilitation?  Rehabilitation is defined as aiding a person, who suffered health conditions. This is done by […]

Trauma, abuse and mental health

Trauma and abuse

Overview: Our life is filled with many uncertainties. Trauma and abuse come under this, they are just unthinkable possibilities. Our news is filled with news of trauma & abuse.  Even our loved ones are not spared of this. In this article, we’ll see about the causes and effects of trauma. We will discuss the ways […]

Binge eating disorder | Complete Details

Binge eating disorder

Overview:  Some might’ve come across the term eating disorders. However many might wonder if there is a disorder related to eating. Yes! There is a Binge eating disorder. Let us look into this in this article. Binge eating disorder (BED) – Introduction : BED is a common type of eating disorder. Around 2% of people […]

Ways to Manage Your Stress Levels as a student

Ways to Manage Your Stress Levels as a student

Introduction: When I was in high school, I thought that there were only two ways to manage stress. You either sit there and take it; or you find a way to confront it head-on. Of course, managing stress is an ongoing activity for everyone. This is why I am sharing with you some of the […]

Batten disease: Cure, Symptoms & Causes

Batten disease Cure symptoms & Causes

Overview: Batten disease is a group of nervous system disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCLs), a rare group of disorder that get worse over time. This is a fatal disorder usually affects children between ages of 5 and 10, the disorder affects the body’s ability to get rid of cellular waste, hence there build up […]

Aphasia from deformities in the brain.

Aphasia from deformities in the brain.

Overview: Our thinking ability completely depends on the language we are knowing, also the more words we will know the more sharply we will think. Any deformities with the language or speech part of the brain lead to a complex condition like aphasia. What is Aphasia? Aphasia is a language disorder that affects your ability […]

Impacts of Internet on us during pandemic

Impacts of Internet on us during pandemic

What Your Internet Usage Does to Your Mental Health: Impacts of Internet on us in the recent times. As Covid-19 came into the scene, internet made it possible to continue our basic activities. This includes education, jobs, business, shopping and much more. On contrary to the numerous benefits, internet also has its own set of […]

How to stay positive in negative environment?

Stay Positive in negative environment

Overview: We can’t fool ourselves, either to others. The person who understands you the most is ‘you’ itself. Also, you can’t make prosthetic intentions, people can catch you easily because it is the heart’s eyes that often see first (this may sound like a line of poetry but it’s true!) Being positive in negative environment […]

All you need is a “Monster Mind” to lead this Super Smart World

Why is it important to gain knowledge?

Till today how many times have you eaten Maggi? (I am sure you can’t count because it’s infinite) hence, we consider ‘many a times’ so, can you remember the correct spelling of Maggi while typing it? Or which company manufactured it? (it is written right above the packet by the way) or how many square […]

Checklist for Your Mental Health (Top 11)

Top 11 Checklist for Your Mental Health In this article I am going to talk about ways to keep your mental health in check. There is no doubt that mental health can be the key to success in life, or it can be the cause of all sorts of problems if it’s not well taken […]