Happy mood, Fixes to be made for a happy mood-(Scientifically proven)


We have different moods according to the situations. And many times it feels like our life is running faster than us. We keep going along with the surroundings but get lost to ourselves. Our busy schedules make us feel that our life is determined by others. Amidst all of these, to be in a happy mood is a skill and let’s see how we can.

Whatsoever, there is a silver lining to every cloud and is the same with the situations we come across. There are many ways to keep ourselves in good mood all the time. Small changes in our habits and practicing self-care make us confident about ourselves and show respect and love towards us.

Let’s see a few scientifically proven ways to stay in a happy mood always.

13 Ways to stay happy all the time:

1.   Add more physical activity

Many studies have proven that exercising releases endorphins of a good mood. It’s the reason why everyone after a walk or workout is in a better mood. Nearly 25 research studies by the University of Toronto analyzed this and did a spectacular job. The studies said exercise helps to keep depression at bay.

In one study, 3 groups of depressed individuals were treated with exercise, anti-depressants, or a combination of both. All three groups turned out to be happier after the treatment. But 6 months later, the group treated with exercise had a relapse rate of 9% while other groups ranged between 31% – 38%

So, now you know the other important role of physical activity besides it being an essential element of self-care.

2. Avoid sleep deprivation for a happy mood

Lack of sleep makes our brain inactive and makes us foggy-headed. This prevents us from making good and right decisions. Eventually, we tend to have serious health issues. Enough sleep keeps us in a happy mood and our spirits high to participate enthusiastically throughout the day.

Researchers after a few experiments gave a conclusion that lack of sleep makes negativity rule over us. One of the interesting experiments is when researchers observed the hippocampus, a part of the brain that processes positive thoughts. It was observed that sleep deprivation made this part inactive and creak allowing the negative thoughts to take over.

To explain, students with a lack of sleep were asked to remember a list of words. They got high scores of about 81% on all negative words while the neutral ones got 31% right. Similar experiments were conducted on memory and sleep by Dr. Robert Stickgold.

3. Positive thinking has a positive impact on  performance

According to Shawn Anchor things like success, stressors,  relationships, circumstances, and so on imping a happy mood for only 10%. The remaining 90% of long-term happiness is based on how we process the world around us. Imagine if happiness is on the opposite side of success, we would never have it if we keep concentrating on increasing to better grades, hike in salary, and so on. Creativity, energy levels, and productivity increase with positive thinking. Be optimistic in every situation now rather than waiting for a season to be positive.

If you are disturbed by the negative thoughts and find it hard to get rid of them. A study by the University of Madrid found that writing disturbing thoughts and destroying them by tearing, burning, or throwing them into trash helps. Psychologists suggest this on daily basis.

4. Adequate water intake increases happy mood:

Enough amount of water intake works miracles to stay happy, especially when working for hours in the office. Drink more water specifically when you try to boost yourself with a cup of coffee in office intervals. Bring your own bottle and sip it throughout the day. It eventually reduces your headaches and as a result, you stay happy.

5. Maintain a diary to note down:

As we learn by analyzing, maintain a personal diary or journal to pour out your heart. The experiences we write about make us realize a few things. Dumping all that you feel inside on paper makes you feel relieved and rejuvenated.

6. Be thankful for the blessings

Start your day by thinking of things you are grateful for. And this builds your happiness to a new level. Tend to refocus on negative things and search for positivity in them. Here are a few ideas to do so:

  • Wake and remind 3 things you are thankful for
  • Share your positivity to the world through social media
  • Express your gratitude to people who played a significant role in your life on a daily basis.
  • Help people to help yourself with positivity

7. Help others by giving

People try to earn materialistic things like bigger houses, phones, cars but the fact is they do not give long-term happiness. But according to research, we need dedicated time to others by helping them with money and meeting their needs.  This has an impact on our own happiness as well as others.

8. Consume vegetables and fruits

Fruits are light, unlike fast foods that make us feel heavy and lazy. Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins and nutrients and will make us feel energized, keep our bodies healthy. It also contributes to our good mood.

9. Love! a weapon for a happy mood

We are created to love our fellow humans. When we love people around there will always be positive vibes of understanding and forgiveness. Unfortunately, it is lacking nowadays. Showing love can make your surroundings and this world the best place to live. Since we are destined for it does everything with this beautiful weapon which can make our mood happy and cheerful.

10. Adorn your favorite attire

Irrespective of the place you go to or the person you meet, try to dress your best. As it makes us feel confident and proud of our efforts throughout the day. Change your style and find out what suits you the best. Don’t stick on to a routine outfit but spice it up.

11. Essential oils uplift mood

This really works great. Pick your favorite essential oil and dissolve it with almond oil, water. Spray it on your wrist whenever you need to be picked up. Have a burner to diffuse the scent you love and enjoy your day with positive vibes.

12. Set a boundary to social media

Allot a time to disconnect yourself from social media. As it can bind us for hours just mindlessly scrolling through the feed. This feed can influence us in many ways by not feeling content with what we have. And we end up trying to do what the influencers are doing. So giving a break and doing something really relaxing and nourishing after can improve our mood and sleep with positivity.

13. Challenge yourself every day

Our brain needs something new and challenging to evolve, just like our body. To activate your brain try to add on new to your list every day. Solve riddles, read a book, learn a new language, and so on. Keep your mind engaged in learning as you will feel satisfied with your progress and will have a happy mood.



Staying in a happy mood cannot be done by others. You need to do it for yourself. Small changes can make a huge difference in your life. And remember that being happy never goes out of style!

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