Glimpse of Post Covid-19 World-What to expect?


Glimpse of post COVID-19 world and the its boon & bane can be found in this article. Right now we are in a situation where we can’t even imagine our life after COVID. But do you ever wonder  how our life after covid-19 pandemic will be ? 


Overview: Glimpse of post Covid-19 world , What to expect?

The pandemic cause of COVID-19 is definitely an unexpected twist off events in our regular life .The consequence of this is devastating as it affected lives and livelihoods throughout the world. However as vaccines came into the play in every corner of the world, we finally see a ray of hope.

Its true that the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to reduce in the United States, it’s unlikely that the novel coronavirus is going away . Right now the cases are dropping and on the other hand more people are being vaccinated so COVID-19 will likely transition from a pandemic (worldwide spread of a new disease) to an endemic phase ( virus is always present in the population in some form, although under controllable levels) says the expert.

Experts say,

COVID-19 will continue to fade in the United States, but the disease probably will not disappear.

That they expect COVID-19 could be similar to the influenza virus that re-emerges every year in a slightly different form.

There are still many unknowns about the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, including how often it will mutate.

Some Positive & Negative Changes Found Post-Covid:

1.A greener& a better future:

We have begun to move towards a new normal, many countries are using COVID as an opportunity to include environmental policies in their recovery strategies. An example for this is, EU plans to dedicate around 30% of its $880 billion Covid-19 crisis plan for climate-change-related measures. Likewise in US, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Canada, the UK and Nigeria they have all included green measures within their COVID recovery plans. This is important ss the Adecco Group’s Skills For The Green Economy noted, more than 1.47 billion jobs globally depend on a stable climate. The room for skills development within this greening of economies, then, cannot be underestimated.

2.Disruption will accelerate :

We know people with preexisting medical conditions are most prone to the virus, the global impact of the crisis will accelerate preexisting transitions. As Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer highlights, a year of a global pandemic can pack in a decade or more of disruption as usual.

3.More inclusive economy:

Surveys have shown that after pandemic ends, there is a widespread mistrust for going back to business like they used to. Stakeholder capitalism comes in for the recue as a bridge between businesses and communities. They see organizations considering all their stakeholders (producers, suppliers, distributors, customers )when making decisions. Corporations will see the need to build trust, or social capital, in order to keep doing business.

4.Politics will become more unstable:

The clouds over global economy is ominous even with the usually optimistic Nobel Prize-winning economist Sir Angus Deaton. He’s worried we might be entering a dark phase that takes “20 to 30 years before we see progress  The political commentators are more perplexed.

Stanford University’s political theorist Francis Fukuyama acknowledges that he has “never seen a period in which the degree of uncertainty as to what the world will look like politically is greater than it is today.”

5.More opportunities will be created cos of crisis:

Science journalist Laurie Garrett, who warned about the global epidemics for decades, thinks an opportunity to address the injustices of our economic and societal systems. Because “there will not be a single activity that goes on as it once did she says, there is also the possibility of fundamental restructuring in the upheaval.

Environmentalist Bill McKibben says the pandemic could become a wake-up call that makes people realize that “crisis and disaster are real possibilities” but can be averted.


 From this its clear that the only bright side of this pandemic is the reduced environmental damage . The future is still uncertain but that doesn’t mean we don’t have one . We hope a glimpse of post Covid-19 world motivates you to be hopeful. Let us stay safe & overcome this crisis together.

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