Stay Positive in negative environment


We can’t fool ourselves, either to others. The person who understands you the most is ‘you’ itself. Also, you can’t make prosthetic intentions, people can catch you easily because it is the heart’s eyes that often see first (this may sound like a line of poetry but it’s true!) Being positive in negative environment means keeping hopes with understanding; hopes that whatever is going to happen or whatever I am doing, is going to come out best for me and understanding is checking your definition of ‘winning’. To ‘win’ in terms of learning should be your way of thinking. Because learning is important, growing from your past mistakes is important, giving a gentle talk to yourself is important. Be careful while thinking, because you’re listening.

Stay Positive In Negative Environment

Being positive in negative environment doesn’t mean thinking about good things all the time, you may have this habit of imaging out of reality which increases serotonin levels and you feel more pleasurable and happy. This is the trap, which takes you far away from reality, and ultimately you get negative thoughts like, why is it not happening, or I’m not good enough to do anything, you start blaming yourself. Rather being positive is looking at the truth, reality. Knowing that bad things will happen but, we just have to change our perspective to look at it. Apply the perspective of learning to the bad phases of your life. You learned a lot, still learning, and always will learn.

Another important thing to consider is ‘surrounding’ what surrounds you has a lot of impact on you. If can’t change what surrounds you, change yourself (trust me, it saved a lot of energy and is an easy option to do). Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist, and a past-life regression therapist says in his book that, “see the unity, not the differences, see that, everything is interconnected and interdependent”. ‘Species’ is a group of organisms with the most level of similarity. Applying this to humans, we’re ‘Homo sapiens‘ with a lot of similarities, then why we’re disturbing ourselves by creating differences that don’t even exist. We should understand that external factors nurturing, conditioning, experiences, genetics are all makes the difference.

Which is necessary for growth in terms of evolution. If someone is not good to you or harms you then it’s totally their conditioning, they may be missed some good life lesson or experiences or maybe they are insecure about something. Rather than be angry, understand them, forgive them, this way you save yourself from any unnecessary negative thoughts. Also, it gives surety to the person that you are not someone who easily gives up, and they may share their true problems with you asking for help and you should help them.


This world is full of beautiful people, you just have that gaze to looked at it, and it only happens when you start looking at yourself more, thinking about yourself more, forgiving, and disciplining yourself with ‘what not to do’ list. Having good self-esteem develops a lot of positivity in you, work on it. Pour your hard work and honesty into work, study, or whatever you are doing. That way you feel more drawn to your dreams and will think about all the possibilities. Having an analytical brain is the ‘key’ to being positive in every situation, to differentiate what is wrong for you and what’s not according to the situation you are facing is the analytical way of thinking. It solves a lot of problems simply. Simply, don’t do what you think disrupts your peace, don’t get influenced by someone who itself doing nothing in his/her life rather than ‘showing off’.
” Listen to your mind ” is all I want to tell you!

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