Love drinking cold/warm water? – Know the positives & negatives

There are many beliefs and myths going on about drinking cold or warm water. But the question right now is whether it is correct or not? Read to find out.


Whether you are someone enjoying the warm sunny summer or a person who gets refuge under the fan & AC as a result of the blazing sun: Drinking cold water is the most awesome feeling ever! Summer calls for all the cold drinks & especially cold water which quenches our thirst helping us survive this sizzling summer. On the other hand hot water is our go to drink if we’re sick & its benefits goes without saying

Our mental and physical health is benefited by staying hydrated. It is suggested by the National Academics of Science, Engineering & Medicine that, men & women of age 19 and older should drink 3.7 (15.5 cups) & 2.7 (11.5 cups) liters of water day respectively.

Cold water:

It is preconceived that cold water intake is not good as it can damage our health on the long run. They believe cold water intake contracts stomach making it hard to digest food. Many others think cold water less than 4°C (36°F) puts a strain on the body to sustain the internal temperature of 37°C or 98.6°

Risks of drinking cold water:

  1. Found from a study that drinking cold water makes nasal mucous thicker than normal causing difficulty for it to go through the respiratory tract. Whereas hot water aided people to breathe comfortably.
  2. This can provoke certain health conditions in some people. A research shows that drinking cold water aggravates migraine in individuals who have it.
  3. Achalasia (rare disorder which makes it harder for food and liquid to pass) patient’s pain can worsen if they have a meal & drink cold water.
  4. Traditional Chinese medicine presumes that after a hot meal drinking cold water will cause variation. In the Chinese culture tea/warm water is provided after meals. Not only in their culture but this belief is shared by many more cultures throughout the world.
  5. Takes a toll on digestion as drinking cold water slows this process & to make up for it the body needs more energy to warm up cold liquids/foods. The process becomes longer & can result in indigestion, constipation, and other related issues.
  6. It takes a prolonged time than usual for the body to activate if we drink cold water.
  7. Makes congestion(stuffy nose) worse when suffering from cold/flu.


  1. This helps lower the core body temperature which helps for a successful workout, by preventing overheating of the body.
  2. The best drink after a workout.
  3. Is effective in fighting heat stroke on extremely hot days.
  4. If you are suffering from fever, this helps reducing the body temperature & clears the micro-organisms from the body
  5. This enhances metabolism & burns 70 calories a day which is equal to the calories lost after a 15 min walk: it aids in weight loss.

When to drink cold water?

The apt time to drink cold water is when you want to lower body’s core temperature like while exercising, when it is hot outside & if you have a fever.

Warm water:

Experts agree that drinking warm water has a lot of advantages than cold water.

Drawbacks of drinking warm water:

  1. Warm water has a lot of benefits but a slight setback is the taste it gives. Many avoid warm water for this reason but it is made bearable by adding citrus or herbs to give flavor.
  2. Warm water makes us less thirsty & this is not good especially if our body is sweating a lot to keep cool.

Benefits of drinking warm water:

  1. Boosts digestion; Chinese medicine and Ayurveda promote drinking a glass of warm water as soon as we wake up. It helps activate digestive system & fends off constipation and indigestion.
  2. Detoxifies the body by getting rid off dangerous toxins prevents acne too.
  3. Aides to manage some types of pain like headaches, joint pains, muscle sprains & menstrual cramps.
  4. Burns tummy fat by changing them into molecules that is simpler for the body to burn

When to drink warm water?

Drinking warm water as soon as you’re awake is the best as it helps the body’s metabolism to function to its level best capacity. Drinking warm liquids while having food safeguards your internal organs. Enhances overall circulation by increasing blood flow.

Cold water & weight loss?

First off drinking water has been linked with less calorie intake per day. Water is a way better option to help your digestion and maintain a normal weight; even though the water is cold. Cold water helps burn a few extra calories as the body works harder to sustain its core temperature. It is not true that cold water promotes weight loss completely.


Many beliefs related to cold water are yet to be proved. Some cultures and many individuals think it’s riskier to drink cold water but it is not proved. Some also think that drinking cold water on a sunny day doesn’t cool one’s body and once again there is no proof for this claim. Compared with cold water warm water has a lot of benefits, Since drinking water at room-temperature & cold water both reaps the same benefits: sticking with normal water is good too. In the end it comes to our personal choice Let us know the advantages and disadvantages then decide for ourselves in regard for our health.

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