Adhesions in the abdomen

Adhesions in the abdomen: Normally, organs and abdominal tissues have surfaces that are slippery, preventing them from sticking together. But these abdominal adhesions are fibrous tissue bands resulting in organs and tissues to stick together in the abdominal cavity. Surgeries in the abdomen would result in adhesions causing tissues to stick together. Location of abdominal […]

Alzheimer’s disease – Must knows! Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurologic disorder which results in atrophy(brain shrinkage) & the death of brain cells. Let us see in detail about the symptoms, stages, causes, risks, prognosis, treatment & complications of Alzheimer’s disease. Overview: The prevalent reason for Alzheimer’s disease is dementia (loss of memory, language, problem-solving.) […]

Diabetes mellitus/Diabetes: Types, Precaution, Diagnosis, Treatment & Complications  In today’s article lets discuss about Diabetes mellitus a chronic disease by which millions are suffering from. It is with relation to abnormally high levels of the sugar glucose in the blood. Overview of Diabetes mellitus : In today’s article lets discuss about Diabetes mellitus  a chronic disease […]