C.1.2 variant- cause for discovery of new vaccine
C.1.2 variant- cause for discovery of new vaccine?

INTRODUCTION: Amidst the arise of delta and beta variants, a new variant of COVID-19 called C.1.2 linage, discovered in South Africa. Other countries like New Zealand, Switzerland, England, Portugal, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mauritius also have traces. This variant has globally alarmed the health experts. Highly mutated C.1.2 variant in South […]

Available countermeasures for SARS-CoV-2

Available countermeasures for SARS-CoV-2: We are amidst a pandemic and we have come a long way. Let us discuss about the current situation regarding the vaccines, their “research and treatment for COVID-19“aka “SARS-COV-2“ Overview: As it was unexpected no one was prepared, leading to a hopeless situation as there was neither vaccines nor did they […]

COVID-19 Survivors Don’t Need Vaccine: New study

Overview: COVID-19 Survivors Don’t Need Vaccine So far it has been said that even the COVID-19 survivors need to vaccinate but new study results say something else. The study from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has found that people who’ve already had COVID-19 may not necessarily benefit from vaccination.  No cases in COVID-19 survivors The research […]

COVID-19 vaccine gives lifelong immunity? Expert’s view

Let us discuss whether Covid-19 vaccine gives lifelong immunity for the disease. Vaccination is a must to ensure a safe life , free from death caused by deadly diseases . Presently we’re going through a pandemic . Vaccines play a major role to put a stop to this.  Overview: Do COVID-19 vaccine gives lifelong immunity? […]

Should I Get Vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19?

Should I Get Vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19? Should I get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19 ? Should everyone get vaccinated? If you are confused and also have questions like the above mentioned ones, read more to find out the answers . Health experts are strongly advising people who already had COVID-19 to get vaccinated. Experts […]

Remember This Before & After the COVID Vaccine

Things to remember Before and After the COVID vaccine: This article will explain you about the type of food that you should consume before and after COVID vaccine . It will also explain you do’s and don’ts after and before COVID vaccine. Overview: The bad news is that the second wave of Covid-19 is here […]