Why we should be alarmed about the delta variant?

I bet most of us aware of the recent delta variant. The experts are alarmed by the surge in the number of cases of delta variant. According to WHO this variant is identified in 111 countries. Let us see why the experts are worried about this.


If you follow the news you might already know that this variant cases has increased in many countries around the world. This has resulted in lockdowns in many regions where only a few COVID-19 cases was seen. We should note that this delta variant is more contagious than the alpha variant which is also known as British variant.

Delta variant – what is it?

The delta variant is the recent version of coronavirus which is known to be more infectious and deadly than the other variants. In United Kingdom, this variant is the one that causes 90 percent of the latest cases.”Dr. David Hirschwerk, an attending infectious diseases specialist commented that in United States, 25 percent out of the new cases is caused by the delta variant & in the upcoming weeks this strain will be the dominant strain in their country.”

Individuals at the risk of delta variant?

It is reported in United States that the unvaccinated or the people who got their first dose of vaccine are more susceptible to this variant. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 78 percent of the people of the age above 65 are vaccinated; so the virus is spreading through citizens who’re above the age of 20s – 40s & they’re either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.
‘Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and health policy, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Tennessee says that this variant is extraordinarily contagious & the main job of the virus is to keep on spreading and reproducing.

What is Delta Plus Variant?

The recent coronavirus variant, first identified in India in the end of June. There were 40 cases as of 24th June & the Indian authorities are wary because of the nature the delta variant. Both the delta variant and the delta plus variants don’t have noticeable difference.
‘Schaffner added that seems to intriguing to the virologists, but it is not more dangerous than delta itself.’

Vaccines and delta variants:

Many have put forth the question, “ Is it safe for the fully vaccinated individuals against both the delta variants?” The answer is Yes according to Israel but it is not verified if this is true. Wall Street Journal in Israel confirms that half of the recent cases of COVID-19 was seen in vaccinated people & this variant is found in 90 percent of the new cases.
Based on a study issued in May it is said that one dose of either Pfizer’s or AstraZeneca (not approved in the United States right now) vaccines were effective against the delta variant for about 33 percent as it helped lower the risk of showing delta variant symptoms. And after the second dose Pfizer vaccine has been proved to be successful by 88 percent, against symptomatic disease caused by the this variant.
‘The vaccines are effective; they can prevent death, hospitalization & getting admitted to ICU. Vaccines are not a shortage in America and the people getting infected are young individuals . This is the result of vaccinating older individuals & the unvaccinated population consists of the young adult group,’ said Schaffner.

Do the delta variants have risks?

Though it is not confirmed yet the delta plus variants are more worrisome apart from the increased spreading is that the patients can face health problems on the long run. Despite this it is assured that vaccination is the best way to prevent transmission of any strain of COVID-19.
The current vaccines are effective at providing protection against the delta variant. It is possible for the vaccinated individuals to get infected whatever strain it may be but the vaccinated population will only experience mild symptoms/ are asymptomatic(found by screening). In the patients admitted in the hospitals with COVID-19 in the previous month, less than 1 percent was vaccinated (with 2 doses),” said Hirschwerk regarding this.


So let us get the facts straight, the vaccines are effective & they prevent death. Delta variant is rampaging in many countries but vaccinated individuals are deemed safe against it. Vaccinated individuals may get COVID-19 delta variant or not but the symptoms are not severe. Let’s get vaccinated and put a stop to the COVID-19 transmission & mutation.

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